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V5 Pro 7.2' Rear Smart System Control Screen Carplay Version

V5 Pro 7.2' Rear Smart System Control Screen Carplay Version

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1.Linux System: Linux high-performance operating system,7.2-inch high-definition fully fitted screen with 1280*800P resolution, Two-way air outlets (up and down), a tribute to the Model S rear screen design

2.Rear air conditioning control: Control the original car music/air conditioning system: music switch, volume, song switching. Air conditioner switch, air conditioner temperature adjustment, air conditioner strength adjustment, air outlet direction adjustment, air conditioner switch.

3. seat function:

3.1: Seat heating:Three mode the heating function switch of each seat can be individually controlled.

3.2:Front seat (driver and front co-driver) seat massage function, two-speed adjustment

3.3: Front passenger seat adjustment function, four-way adjustment, seat back and forth adjustment, seat back up and down adjustment.

3.4: One button to open the front passenger seat storage box

4. Built-in Carplay: Supports Apple Carplay and Android Auto for seamless smartphone integration with the rear-seat system.

5. Supports wireless Bluetooth: Connect to the car's original Bluetooth for audio output, connect wireless Bluetooth headphones and has built-in speakers.

6. Negative ion air purification: When activated it neutralizes the polluted air inside the car.

7. Child lock: One-key open the glove compartment.

8. One-key screen lock: Play music and videos from a USB drive and control the main
screen's volume,skip tracks,and play/pause from the rear seat control.

9. Automatic screen shutdown: lf no one is seated in the rearthe screen will automatically shut down after 5 minutes using the original car seat gravity sensor.

10. OTA upgrade: Supports wired headphone 3.5mm audio output.

11. Non-destructive installation: Plug tp play

Note: please check remove the rear seat panel to check whether has the ODB plug if you don`t make sure which factory made of your 2023 Model Y